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Micro Business Enterprise Project In Mexico

Micro Business Enterprise

The micro business enterprises in Mexico form the backbone of the local communities which needs to be saved from extinguishing. At Hands Up Volunteers, we believe together we can save businesses and pave a way for a thriving economy. We are bound by the initiative "The Micro Business Need Help and Support", and we research deeply to volunteer for their survival.

As active volunteers, we shall even partner with the organizations involved in the community and economic development. Likewise, we connect with the businesses benefitting from our volunteering assistance. Our main focus is on minority, immigrants, women and veteran-owned business micro-enterprises.  By creating special volunteering strategies, we help businesses in identifying their legal needs and creating action plans for addressing them.

We are ready for making a difference while cultivating purpose, engagement and happiness at the same time. Are you on your feet? Then, we are here for you – your volunteer friends!



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  • Assisting in a Small Mayan Microenterprise Shortlisting

    Assisting in a Small Mayan Microenterprise

    Learn, help and enjoy at this harvest transformation centre.
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