We Are Volunteering to make the world a better place In Mexico.

Bird Nest Boxes Program: Helping in the Recovery of Birds Population


Nest boxes were finally set up, it had been sometime since Alberto was able to figure out the best place to mount 15 boxes that he had planned for raptor nesting. The place was a farm where veterinary students could carry out their internships. What happened afterwards was a mix of fulfilled expectations, joyful events and gratifying achievements. As years went by, not only did the raptors nest, but so did owls and ducks. All those involved in the project gained experience which enabled them to launch larger nest box projects around the city and other areas of the state. An unplanned result of the project was the excitement and interest among the students doing their internships, to such an extent that birds have become a topic of interest for students taking master's and PhD’s. These students who usually focused on farmyard animals as their core area of study were now entertaining alternative ideas. From here, Alberto included as a key aim of his projects to raise awareness towards birds nesting in the communities and for the general public. Finally a liaison was created with the veterinary students so today the birds in the releasing process can sustain a better assessment.

As we go through life, we embark on all sorts of related work and personal projects and we set realistic goals to achieve. It is certainly rewarding to reach these goals but their unexpected positive impact is inspiring us to search for new horizons.

What personal/professional goals do you have for yourself? You no doubtedly agree that should meeting people through unconventional ways, travelling with a cause and enjoying nature as something appealing to you, then such activities will not only be beneficial but also offer additional and valuable upsides. Come and join this project in the lusciously green state of Veracruz which lies along the Gulf of Mexico.

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG´s) 2030 Agenda

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image +18 yrs old
image From 2 weeks
image From 69 USD/DAY
image Studio apartment or Host family
image Full-board except Sunday when only breakfast is provided
image Included
image Arrival transfer
image From main city airport to final city destination (4 hours drive)

Having started as a short-lived project, production and setting up nest boxes in localized areas to promote safe breeding has become a long-term project with major interest. In the hope that interventions like this together with raising environmental awareness we can defeat the race against time we have embarked ourselves on to keep our ecosystems healthy.

The project welcomes international volunteers seeking to learn about thoughtful and careful interventions where there was a lack of positive outcomes until not that long ago. Come and join the team and experience how dedicated and constant work can render positive results.

Project Goals

  • To provide a safer environment for bird breeding and refuge reducing the risk of nest predation
  • To counteract the negative effects of human activities on bird reproduction rates
  • To promote/boost local bird conservation especially among those species listed as endangered


  • No previous experience nor specific education required
  • Interested in the environment especially birds
  • Keen on outdoor activities 
  • Eager to learn some carpentry
  • Willingness and desire to help and learn from others
  • Team player and able to follow instructions
  • Level of Spanish: Intermediate. English is desirable but not required.

Your help

  • Building nest boxes
  • Helping with nest box mounting in trees
  • Keeping and monitoring nest boxes
  • Processing data gathered from nest box monitoring

Virtual Orientation

We are deeply commited to helping you be as prepared as possible to enjoy and fulfil your expectations for joining a program in Mexico. For that reason, there is an orientation program comprising of three distinct aspects prior to your arrival. Dates and time will be agreed upon between the HUV team and the volunteers in advance.

The aspects to cover include:

  • Mexico and its culture
  • Volunteering in Mexico and learning about your chosen destination
  • Follow up throughout your chosen project

Arrival and Onsite Orientation

Coach ticekt from the nearest city airport to your project city & local transport at your final city destination.

You will be instructed to arrive at the nearest main city airport. A coach ticket will be provided to transfer to the city where your project.  A member of a local transport service will meet you at the coach station.  He will be happy to help you with any immediate needs you may have.  You will be driven to the city of your final destination about 1.5 hours away. Arrange for a flight that arrives no later than midafternoon. If your arrival is before midday, once the transport has driven you to your accommodation, you will be given the option to meet a member of your host organization shortly after or later in the early evening. If your arrival is in the afternoon, the transport will drive you to your accommodation for a well-deserved rest. The following morning you will be joined for breakfast by a staff member of your host organization. 

Orientation will take place on Monday morning after a light breakfast.

Accommodation and meals

Volunteers will be hosted at a nearby studio apartment or by a host family (based on accommodation availability) near to the organization. In either case volunteers will be placed in single rooms. They  are basic, but they have all standard amenities for a comfortable stay.

All meals are included (full board), except for Sunday when only breakfast is provided.  Some of them are self-service and others will be taken to a local and small family-run restaurant where breakfast and lunch are served. Mexican people have a high appreciation of mealtimes, and it is a special time to relax and socialize, thus be ready to enjoy the experience.

Project Availability: All year round

Duration: You can choose dates from a minimum of 2 weeks up to 24 weeks. Arrivals are expected on a SUNDAY, and you can choose the minimum stay and subject to availability (and visa conditions) extend your stay through arrangements with the local team.  

** if the fees for the time you are interested in volunteering for the project of your choice is not listed, please send us an enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Nest Boxes program is a three-step process: building the nest boxes (according to the required specifications) and planning their installation, a second step when boxes are set up in a designated area; and finally monitoring the boxes and recording and processing the data gathered throughout their monitoring.

As a volunteer you are likely to spend three full days/week at the organization premises and help with field visits twice a week. Site visits are short (2 hrs) in the city, but longer if it's outside the city.

A typical day at the office might be as follows:


Typical Activity

  8:30 am

Breakfast at designated location

10:00 am

You will join the team to start activities at the organization premises. You will have previously agreed with the team what the priorities are for each day/week. The activities may include building nest boxes, database entry, data processing, processing electronic photos to keep a visual record of the nest boxes that are monitored, preparation of follow-up reports, among several others

Training to set up nest boxes and how to monitor them will be also part of your activities, especially at the initial stages of your volunteering time.

 1:30 Pm

Lunch at designated location

2:30/3:00 pm

After lunch you can either go back to the organization to resume activities or you may have some personal time and start at 3:00 pm. Once you have returned for your remaining time in the afternoon, you will continue with the activities according to the previously agreed-upon schedule.

4:00/4:30 pm

You will finish your day at either time depending on the length you have taken for lunch. You can now return to your accommodation or take advantage of the several activities the city can offer you such as strolling in the park or downtown, enjoying a movie in the cinema, spending some time at a café or attending one of the other cultural activities you can find here.

8:00 pm

Self-prepared light dinner. Time is suggested and you may adjust it according to your personal preferences.

Project Fees

02 weeks $1350.00 USD
03 weeks $1550.00 USD
04 weeks $1750.00 USD
05 weeks $2200.00 USD
06 weeks $2335.00 USD

Registration Fee to secure your place

  • 75 USD when sending application
  • 224 USD when accepted

Included in the cost

  • Project Placement
  • Onsite follow-up & support
  • Orientation: cultural, at placement and safety related
  • Airport pick up on arrival
  • Accommodation as described (see details)
  • Meals as described

Additional to consider

  • Round International Flight
  • Domestic flights if required/chosen
  • Visa if required
  • Local transport (if needed)
  • Return airport transfer
  • Personal items
  • Mobile expenses
  • Additional meal and snacks
  • Any other cost not listed above (“included in the cost”)

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